Saturday, April 22, 2006

Prottutponnomotitto - Bangla's new album

After delayed for several times at last the album officially released on April 14th, on Bangla New Year’s day. But it took another week to appear at store shelves.

All the tracks are Lalon Giti. Lalon was a famous Baul (a kind of Bangla folk songs) writer. I had no idea that he was actually against religion: not only against religious extremism, but also against all kinds of our traditional religious belief. Some tracks preceded and followed by comments by Baul artists, also against religion.

A big daring step by Bangla to promote such songs. Though our leaders are kept on saying that we are moderate Islamic country, we all know still some extremists are still operating. We are waiting to see how they react.

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Bangla is such a mishti(sweet) language and I love hearing its folk song. I really wish it was not get seperated from Pakistan.