Saturday, May 12, 2007

Arrest of a prominent journalist sparks world media, except Bangladesh

Tasneem Khalil is a renowned Bangladeshi journalist, a famous blogger, currently works for a leading daily The Daily Star. Yesterday night he was arrested from his residence by joint forces (currently backing caretaker government in Bangladesh) without showing any proper warrant document. This sparked the world media, but unfortunately doesn't touched his Bangladeshi friends.

CNN coverage
International Herald Tribune story

The influential newspaper The Washington Post interviewed him last month where he was critical about current army backed caretaker government - which may lead the arrest someone suspects. Another article, influenced by his writing, published in Amnesty International website just yesterday.

Picled politics, a south Asians' forum, is going to arrange a demonstration in front of Bangladeshi High Commission, London, if he isn't released by Sunday.

btw, only a few moments ago, BDNEWS24 shows little responsibility. May be the 24 in their name means news may come after 24 hours!!!

I, like most other here, welcomed the government when they took power. But it doesn't mean we support their all steps, especially when they deny people's right to know. Hope the situation won't get any more worsen...


Yeameen said...

Wordwide protest made them release him within 24 hours of his arrest :)

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