Thursday, April 06, 2006

First Bangla album for free download

GSeries released Aniket Prantor by Artcell on 31st March. I bought this album in the first place, to extend my support for my most favourite band of recent time. And I have no hasitation to say, this is the second audio CD I bought in last 5 years.

Now, the good news is - for the first time in Bangladesh, an audio label company (GSeries) decided to let users download the tones for free. Thats a good move... I personally believe, an art shouldn't be confined behind a price-tag. You don't have money, you cannot enjoy this! why? It shouldn't be in an artist's mind.

Enjoy music for free. There are several other ways to express gratitude.

Go to for details. Btw, You need to register first to download

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