Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Google Word

Few months ago, Google signed an agreement with Sun to contribute jointly in the development of open-source Open Office office productivity suite. Open Office is a fork of Sun’s Star Office and its development is still under control of Sun Microsystems. Now, Google acquired writely, a web 2.0 online word processor. Hmmm, seems like they found another subject to redefine. May be they are on the way to roll out an editor of their own.

With the magic of Web 2.0 technologies, web sites can have some features similar to desktop applications. Gmail, new yahoo and hotmail seem like full fledged email client in a web browser window. Some other online applications, like real time chatting, are also possible by exploiting the power of Ajax. Online word processing is not very new concept. There are several online word processors out there (e.g. writeboard, thinkfree online etc.). By feature comparison, they are yet to go a long way to catch up with Microsoft. But they are gaining popularity for another reason, collaborative work; people sitting at a distance can work together. Not to mention the price tag.

So, Microsoft is going to see new player in the field. Upto now, I welcomed Google's innovations. But if one day, they take over Microsoft’s position, It will be hard to end that dominance...

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