Thursday, June 30, 2011

Invite others or get invited to Google+

I have received invitation almost as soon as Google made this public (from my university senior Arif bhai, who is working at Google). And I am quite enjoying after two days coz now I see lot of known people coming here at least to try out. Want to invite others but don't see invite option? You can easily send invitation to your friends with gmail accounts.

Try this

1. Write something to share. You can just write - Click on "Learn more about Google+" to join
2. Click on "+Add circles or poeple to share with..." and write down there Gmail addresses
3. Click "Share"

You may see a warning that people not already in Google+ will receive the post via email. Actually, thats what you want so no worries :)

Original post here. I tried to make the process simpler. Let me if anyone needs invitation!


Ariful Haque Bhuiyan said...

thanks thanks

Yeameen said...

You are welcome :)

jaknudsen said...

Hi, thanks for the tip. Would love a G+ invite if you can spare :)

Yeameen said...

@jaknudsen Check your email

jaknudsen said...

Thanks a lot! Let me know if you need a favor sometime.

Musaddeque Ahmed said...

will anyone be kind enough to send me an invitation? :(

JRECH said...

please send me an invite

Yeameen said...

Google suspended invite option to people to the users.

I'll do invite when they allow again.