Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bangla blogging in last one year

Just a few days ago, I posted on my facebook that the three year old Bangla blog platform, বাঁধ ভাঙ্গার আওয়াজ alone sees a rise by 121% in usage. With the inception of two other promising platform Sachalayatan and Amarblog, the number may reach close to 200%. That is, Bangla blogging sees three times more visitors now than a year before. Quite promising that citizen voice is reaching out far.

These blog sites are little different from traditional popular blogging platforms around the world. All these three platforms are intended for community blog where a single front page shows posts from all the users, with almost equal importance to everyone (I am disregarding Bangla blogs hosted on blogspot or any other platform, that was not even possible (writing in Bangla) before two years).

Now another good news. The most popular and probably most influential Daily, Daily Prothom Alo is going to launch another such platform on the occasion of their 10th Anniversary. Upto now, all the initiatives are either personal or by small companies like somewhere in.... And with little or no promotioe by these initiatives, visitor number is still not satisfactory comparing to our total population. Though some are skeptical about a big media's intervention, I want to see this positively. Because many of the people here little or no idea about blogging, let alone thinking to blogging in Bangla. Prothom Alo, with its greater rich, will at least introduce blogging to general citizen. Though they may mantain little restrictive free voice definition than the existing ones, still users always have the freedom to choose the platform later once they introduced to blogging.

Waiting to see more free voice - বাংলা ব্লগিং শতফুলে ফুটুক

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It's great that the Bangla blogging is getting more viewership. I mean the blogs are so good I'm not amazed that they are getting this response, they will surely get more famous ;).